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Metatype is the visual language research practice from Angelo Stitz. It scrutinises the ‘translational obstacles of text’ aiming for a dialectical exchange. Areas of work include concept development, art direction, editorial design, exhibition design, packaging design, visual identity, type design, visual language research, prototyping and interactive objects.

‘Principle Work’ is devoted to develop universal methods that can be adapted to various applications. It is basic research to nourish an academic exchange to create new knowledge which potentially re-informs disciplines. Results are often published through journals, tested in workshops and presented in conferences.

‘Personal Work’ focuses on intuition, experimentation and interpretation driven by the enjoyment and excitement of play. These are in their nature immediate, intimate, emotional and often show processes rather than finished outcomes. Often but not always these are shown in a more artistic context as through exhibitions or limited editions.

‘Professional Work’ are outcomes of client and commission based work. These serve specific functions and address a specific target audience in a specific context in order to communicate a specific message. These are shared through articles, interviews, magazines or newspapers.



Visual Language Research

Type × Graphic × Object

Müggelseedamm 243
12587 Berlin

VAT number: DE281462635

Angelo Stitz
Visual Language Research
MA Visual Communication

+49 (0)152 21 46 01 31
info @ metatype . de

Working hours:
Monday to Friday 10.30
to 6.30pm (CET)



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