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Angelo Stitz: What is the context of text in a de-contextualised world?



Hi, I am Angelo. I work with type and typography. I am interested in the visual, technical and social aspects of the medium text and its obstacles in translating originality.

I get usually goose bumps when you talk to me about computer science, media and software studies, digital humanities, social science, format history (compression, writing systems, codecs), media archaeology, linguistic, aesthetic, type design, type engineering, media psychology, poetry, performance, rhetoric, improvisation, noise, tool making, automatization, electro mechanics, electric engineering, computation, generative design, creative coding, prototyping, robots, human machine interfaces, hacking and didactic environments.


— Matthias Wölfel, Tim Schlippe, Angelo Stitz: Voice Driven Type Design. 8th International Conference on Speech Technology and Human-Computer Dialogue (SpeD 2015), Bucharest, 14.-17.09.2015, Romania, ISBN 978-1-4673-7560-3.
— A Voice Driven Type Design Demo, Mensch und Computer 2015, S. Diefenbach, N. Henze & M. Pielot (Editor): Mensch und Computer 2015 Tagungsband, Stuttgart: Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag, 2015, p. 413-416.
— Matthias Wölfel, Angelo Stitz: Responsive Type – Introducing Self-Adjusting Graphic Characters, Cyberworlds, 07.-09. October 2015, Visby, Sweden, p. 298-305. DOI: 10.1109/CW.2015.50.
— Angelo Stitz, Matthias Wölfel: Reagierende Schriftzeichen. In: Sarah Diefenbach, Niels Henze, Martin Pielot (Editor): Mensch und Computer 2015 Tagungsband, Stuttgart: Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag, 2015, ISBN 978-3-11-044334-9, p. 367-370.



FontFiction, Experimental Type Design Workshop, Royal College of Art, London, 2018.
Typography in Motion (Lecture), University Pforzheim, 2015-16.
Advanced Prototyping (Lecture), University Pforzheim, 2014-16.
Digital interfaces (Lecture), University Pforzheim, 2014-15.
What comes after the eBook? (Lecture), University Pforzheim, 2014-15.
Type design and development (Workshop), University Pforzheim, 2012.


Group Exhibitions

The Typographic Singularity, Courtyard Gallery, Royal College of Art, 2018.
Graduation Show, The Westworks, London, 2018.
Common Market, London, Royal College of Art, 2018.
The Typographic Singularity, Hockney Gallery, Royal College of Art, 2017.
Stewarts Law RCA Secret, Dyson Building, Royal College of Art, 2017.
Digital Aesthetics, Centre for Recent Drawing (C4RD), London, 2017.
Non-Space Gallery, Denmark, Aarhus, 2017.
#4 Sublimate, Icing Room, London, 2017.
GLOBALE – Infosphäre, ZKM – Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, 2016.
Call-for-Type, New Typefaces, Gutenberg-Museum, Mainz, 2013 .
Eight, Kunstverein Pforzheim, 2012.



Responsive and Dynamic Type, btk Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule, Berlin, 2015.
Responsive Type – Self Adjusting Graphic Characters, Cyberworld 2015, Gotland, Sweden, 2015.
Voice Driven Type Design, Mensch und Computer (MuC), 2015, Stuttgart, 2015.
Responsive Type – Interaction of Type with the urban Space, 21. Leipziger Typotage, Leipzig, 2015.


Articles, Interviews

Auf Typefühlung (Article), digital signage, WNP Verlag, 2015, p. 20-21.
Zeichen Wandle dich! (Article), digital signage, WNP Verlag, 2015, p. 20-21.
Computer Arts Magazine #224 (Interview), Future Publishing Ltd, 2014, p. 98.



Nomination, The Varley Memorial Prize, Royal College of Art, 2016.
German Scholarship, Hans and Lilli Holl-Stiftung, Pforzheim, 2014.
Junior Corporate Design Award, JCDP, 2012.



KUNSTFORUM International #237: GLOBALE Renaissance 2.0:
Der Mensch als Möglichkeitswesen, 2015, p. 86.
Typodarium 2015, Lars Harmsen, Verlag Hermann Schmidt, 2014.
Graphic Digits, Victionary, 2014, p. 182-185.
PAGE Magazin 14/01, 2014, Ebner Verlag, p. 8.
Yearbook of Type I, Slanted, Niggli Verlag, 2013, p. 219.
Neue Schriften. New Typefaces, Niggli Verlag, 2013, p. 223.
Typodarium 2014, Lars Harmsen, Verlag Hermann Schmidt, 2013.
Corporate Design Preis Jahrbuch 2012, Tellus Publishing, 2012.

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    Type + Typography

    Angelo Stitz
    +49 (0)152 21 46 01 31
    info @ metatype . de

    Marianne-Werefkin Straße 22
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