Drawing Table: Can complexity be experienced through collaboration?


Interactive object—A table through which people can explore the emergent character of collaborative drawing. The drawing happens by easily inserting and taking out a plastic strings into a table. This process can be controlled intentionally to some point until the tensions of the strings get intermingled with others and unexpected compositions occur. An interplay between getting and loosing the comprehension of traceability and predictability.

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Exhibition of the table at the RCA Work in Progress Show.


Drawing process.

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Intermingled strings inside the table.



The result might seem artificial, but is different than randomness. Even though randomness is per definition “unpredictable” the string pattern of this table is not. For example the table and interaction could be simulated by a software. What here occurs is a abvious transition between randomness on the one side and incomprehension on the other. Latter one relates to the capacity of human understanding. Or to put the quintessence of this object into other words: “Results that can not be explained by a human are not mandatory random.”

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Acrylic cube with a string.


A string inserted into a frame.


Two strings inserted into a frame.


Inserting a string into a cube made out of acrylic:


The same experiment executed with two strings in a acrylic cube.



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