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Strangers Con(text): How can context be communicated between strangers?

Strangers Con(text): How can context be communicated between strangers?


2018, Installation—Due to different cultural contexts it is difficult to translate text. The participants of the English Preparation Course (EAP) of the Royal College of Art were given certain expressions which often are used in the course for instance “zeitgeist”. Participants were asked to take a picture corresponding to this word visualising its individual meaning. The taken images can be a starting point between classmates to get to know each other. The installation shows submitted images and word connections which can explored by plugging in and out sockets.

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A person can plug in and out sockets to reveal image-word pairs.

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Group Exhibition — 23.01.–01.06.2018 Graduation Show of the Royal College of Art, School of Communication, The Westworks, London



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